• Great for dog fencing  
  • Chew-resistant  
  • 1” openings keep all but the smallest pests away  
  • Virtually invisible from 20’  
  • Suitable for use in coastal applications 


Hexa-Gone is unique because of its higher carbon count, which increases the strength of the fencing tremendously. With that in mind, this fence has a breaking strength of 1250+ making it the strongest steel hex fencing on the market. HEXA-GONE has black, hexagonal openings that make the fence aesthetically pleasing and virtually invisible from 20 feet. This fence has a UV-resistant PVC coating to protect the steel wire from rust and corrosion caused by harsh weather conditions. Combining this fencing with a monofilament tension line makes an even stronger barrier. HEXA GONE is unique becuase it goes through a process called Hot Dipped Galvanization. During this process, the steel fence is dipped into a hot zinc bath creating an additional layer of corrosion protection. This gives the HEXA GONE more strength as well as a slightly thicker appearance.  

Because this fence is incredibly lightweight and flexible, it is easy for anyone to handle and install without the help of a professional. Installation is made simple with our no-dig ground sleeve post system and UV-treated heavy duty ties. Once installed, this dog fence will require little to no maintenance.  

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7.5' x 100' HEXA-GONE Heavy Steel Hex


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