Bringing Home Fido

Bringing Home Fido

So, you are ready to welcome a new dog into your home - good for you! This is a big step for you; and it will require lots of time, patience, and love. Remember, bringing a puppy into homes is quite similar to that of a newborn baby. Like babies, puppies will need to learn their new surroundings and be potty-trained. They will make mistakes along the way; and you, as the new pet parent, will need to stay calm. Are we okay so far? If yes, then continue reading what you should do the first few weeks of pet ownership:

The ideal time to bring home a new puppy is when the house is quiet. Discourage friends from stopping by and don't allow overnight guests. You will also need to develop a routine and do the following:

Before bringing him in the house, take him to the designated potty area in your yard and spend a few minutes there. You will need to have a collar and leash ready for his/her arrival. This will help when training your dog and when your pup is exploring the backyard. This is a good time to invest in a dog fence so you can train your dog basic commands and allow pets to play safely in an enclosed area. 

You will need to bring home healthy dog foods and read the labels prior to giving him/her a feast. Do not overfeed Fido. Pet obesity is real and can lead to serious animal health complications such as diabetes, heart conditions and cardiovascular diseases.

Give your dog plenty of fresh water. In the summertime, water for dogs is vital to avoid heat stroke; and it is equally important in the cooler months. Just because they aren't visibly sweating doesn't mean that they aren't dehydrated.

Your dog will need toys. If you do not want to spend lots of money on pet toys, consider making your own DIY dog toys. My dog loves crunching on empty water bottles. Or, you can give your dog ice cubes to play with on the floor (helpful tip: avoid tile floors). 

With these steps in play, you are ready to take on dog ownership.