Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Pets are very aware of their surroundings; and when they notice something new, say a gigantic Christmas tree or a blazing menorah, they become curious. To avoid accidents this holiday season, watch out for pets with these holiday safety tips.


It's hard to believe that Hanukkah will begin this weekend! (December 2-10, 2018); and for those that plan to celebrate, it's best to keep menorahs out of reach of pets and small children. Curious pets may knock over the candles or get burned. 

Chocolate coins

This should go without saying, but keep chocolate away from pets. Dogs and cats that eat sugary treats can become sick. The foil from the chocolate coins may even  be a choking hazard if not properly thrown away.



Dogs may jump on the Christmas tree, or knock over ornaments with their tails. Glass ornaments may shatter as a result and hurt dog's foot pads. Be sure to clean up messes that occur and watch for broken glass.

Christmas Lights and Outlets

Dogs that jump on Christmas furs or evergreens may drag down Christmas lights along the way. Make sure dogs do not chew through strings of Christmas lights and electrical outlets.

Christmas desserts and goodies

This is the time of year we love; and love to hate! Christmas desserts are plentiful for all to share; however, not for pets! They can cause serious health issues and leave dogs feeling sick and lethargic.

Holiday Parties

The holidays are a great excuse to throw a party at home. However, for dogs and cats that get anxious around large groups of people, this may lead to unhappy pets. Turn on soft music for dogs to relax; or take them out back in the fenced-in  yard for a few hours while the celebration goes on. 

Keep these pet safety tips for holidays in mind as we enter the next phase of the holiday season!