Responsible Pet Owners

Responsible Pet Owners

February is Responsible Pet Ownership Month, a time for pet owners to learn how to be a responsible pet owner. Here are things to consider when talking about dog and cat ownership: 

ID Pets - When you take dogs and cats home from the humane society or animal shelter, ID them. Or, register dog micro-chips. If pets get lost, the ID will easily track where they are around town. 

Nutrition - Give dogs and cats healthy food full of proteins and vitamins to ensure they grow into strong, healthy animals. Read labels!

Bond With Pets - Whether you take pets to a dog park to play, or throw a ball in your fenced-in yard, play with your animals. The more time they spend with owners, the happier they will become as the years progress.

Exercise - Strength training dog exercises are important as dogs age. Practice jumps and squats so the dog will continue to use hind legs and arms.

Doggie Play Dates - Take your dog to a dog park; or have dogs come over to your house; and watch them all play from inside the dog fence.