Adopt a Cat Month!

Now that June is here, let's talk about adopting a cat, shall we? 

Cats make wonderful pets for people of all ages: They are low-key for older individuals and gentle around small children but playful and active to be around other companion pets. While they are self-reliant, they do enjoy bonding time with pet owners and play time outside just as much as dogs! 

June is when animal shelters see a rise in cats due to kitty breeding season; and this is when cat adoption is most needed to help cats find a forever home. There are over 6.5 million companion animals that enter into one of 3500 national animal shelters each year, and of those, 3.2 million are cats. Are you ready to adopt a cat this month from a local animal shelter? is offering discounted rates on cat fence systems throughout the month of June to cat adopters. Contact to learn more. 

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