Adopt Pets: COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused changes in moods. While it saddens people, it also makes those appreciate the world around us - teaching us not to take life for granted. Our newfound hearts have led many animal lovers to consider temporary pet fostering or pet adoption. For pet enthusiasts seriously recommending adopting pets for the long haul, now's a good time to do it. Here's why:

COVID-19 is the purrfect time to adopt a dog or cat. And, Sharon Harmon, Oregon Humane Society president and CEO, agrees: “If you think about it, it’s really the perfect time. People are home, they can establish a relationship,” she said.  “In times like these, animals bring us something that you just can’t get off the shelf … things that we all need: that unconditional love, that simple joy, just a smile and a warm hug.”

Pets will need love and commitment from new pet owners. They will need more than toys. They will require shelter; healthy pet foods; fresh water throughout the day; and so much more. If pet owners can take their pets to local dog parks for socialization and exercise, great! If not, then fencing in yards for pets is recommended for pet play dates and social interaction between pet owner and pet.

However, for those sick with COVID-19, it's best to keep away domestic pets, as they may become ill. Individuals who lost jobs because of COVID-19 might feel now is not the time to adopt, either.  

The Coronavirus is changing our hearts. Allow it to change the lives of pets in need. Consider pet adoption today. 

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