Avoid Pet Store Dogs

Dog ownership is a wonderful thing that can provide years of entertainment and cherished memories. Let's be clear: there isn't anything wrong with adopting a dog from the pet store; but when we do this, it feels more like a transaction than an act of kindness. 

This is why we suggest adopting dogs from a no-kill animal shelter or animal rescue. There are over 2 million animals euthanized each year because they are deemed unwanted; and when we adopt from the humane society, we are giving these animals a second chance at living and having a family.

Some of these dogs have been at the shelters long enough; and while this may not be desirable for many who want a puppy, there are many benefits to adopting a senior pet. For one, older dogs have already learned the basic commands such as 'sit,' 'stand,' and 'stop.' Additionally, old dogs are already potty-trained and will not teeth on furniture. 

When considering adopting a dog, consider animal shelter dogs up for adoption. 

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