Backyard Chickens Fence

Like any pet, backyard chickens need a large area to roam; and chicken owners know that the happier chickens are the ones that are free-roaming chickens. They produce the better-tasting eggs and they are not cooped up all day in cages. 

However, when looking at fence for chickens, prospective buyers may think that a plastic fence is best because chickens do not have teeth (no worrying about chewing on the fence); but, this is not the case.

The best chicken fence is made from a steel construction with PVC-coating. This type of fence is meant to protect chickens from predatory animals, such as coyotes, wolves and foxes that may try to harm the flock. 

Chickens can jump over a 4 feet high fence; so, installing a metal chicken fence that is at least 5 feet tall is best. As the chicken ages, they are less likely to attempt jumps outside of the fence line. 

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