Become Lyme Aware

May is when we start to see and hear more about ticks; and while we may know about them, we may not know why we should care. Here's what you should know this month during Lyme Disease Awareness Month. 

Lyme Disease affects over 300,000 individuals each year throughout North America. It is caused by an infected tick bite spread by common carriers such as white-tailed deer; mice and birds. Ticks are discovered in wooded and grassy areas where people go to hike, garden, or play with their pets in the backyard. Like people, pets are at risk to Lyme Disease and other debilitating tick diseases. 

There are 90 types of ticks crawling around the United States with 850 total tick species worldwide. To protect people and pets against the risk of Lyme Disease, people should consider fence installation to keep deer and other wildlife at bay from family members and companion animals -  a fence that is at least 6 feet tall. 

In people, Lyme Disease can cause weak/aching muscles and joints; fever, rashes and fatigue. Pets will experience similar Lyme Disease affects which may be treatable with antibiotics by a medical professional in the early stages of the disease.

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