Best Dog Fencing?

There are many types of dog fence on the market; but not all are considered good for dogs. Take barbed wire fencing, for example. Most pet owners would never place a bard wire fence around properties that can harm their dogs. Some pet owners feel this way about electric fence for dogs, too. While these fences should be crossed off lists, there are other dog fences that can used for dog breeds.

Small dog breeds will not need a chain-link fence. Chain-link fence is best used for some of the largest dog breeds, including mastiffs, Great Danes and St. Bernards. Small dog breeds can get away with plastic fencing whereas medium to large dogs may need another type of metal fence such as welded wire. The steel fences perform best when they are engulfed in PVC-coating to protect the steel core from chew marks and scratches. 

Do the research to see which fence is best for certain dog breeds; and know before you buy!

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