Best Fence: Multiple Pets

There are many types of pet fence on the market; but not all are recommended for securing multiple pets in yards. For instance, chain-link fence is great for securing large dogs but cats will simply jump over the fence to escape. When thinking about yard fencing for pets, it's best to think more about cats than dogs. Here's what we suggest.

A cat fence is designed to secure cats in yards and it will protect dogs in the process. Cat fencing comes with overhang extenders to keep cats from jumping out of the system - dogs will not be able to get pass the extenders. We know because cats stay protected from coyotes, wolves and foxes due to these extenders. Cat fencing is made from a durable plastic fence mesh with the bottom made from a solid weld wire to keep both dogs and cats from breaking free from the bottom.

When thinking about a yard fence for both dogs and cats, consider the cat first; and buy a fence for cats. 

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