Caring For Old Dogs

Older dogs need love, care, and attention; and they will require a responsible pet owner to make sure they are healthy and happy. Exercise, the right diet and socialization becomes increasingly important as dogs age. 

Routine vet visits

Dogs need regular vet visits and will require bi-annual vet visits to start. If dog's health becomes a concern, dog visits to the vet will increase to monthly, even weekly. 

Dog Nutrition

Dogs need nutritious dog food to stay healthy and fit. Healthy dog foods will give dogs more energy; and thus, will help them move around easier as they age.

Dog Exercise

Dogs risk health complications as they age; but the combination of dog exercises and healthy dog treats will protect the dog's body. Gaining weight leads to dog obesity and problems with weak joints and muscles.

This Responsible Pet Owner Month, give your older dog extra love, support and attention. 

Caring for older dogsDog exercisesDog nutritionResponsible pet ownership month