Cat Fencing 101

Many cat owners are thrilled to learn that there is a cat fence system on the market for domestic cats. After all, cats need just as much socialization, exercise and outside time as dogs.

Catios are different than cat fences and allow cats to enjoy the great outdoors at any time of day. 

Cat fencing is made from the same polypropylene mesh material as fence for small dogs. The reason this material is chosen is to deter cats from climbing or pouncing on the fence. The mesh is meant to gently sway to block the daring cat from acrobatic routines.

The bottom of the cat fence system contains weld wire fencing to block cats from escaping. Welded Wire is made from a 14 gauge galvanized steel that is chew-resistant and dig-proof.

Cat fence supplies also comes with overhang extenders to make it virtually impossible for Olympic climbing cats to escape. More importantly, the overhang extenders help to keep out wildlife that may try to harm the pets.

Although catios offer bird protection, cat fencing offers cats the freedom to explore yards. 

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