Cat Health In Summer

Cats and dogs love being outside in the summertime; but as the temperatures increase, there are health risks for pets. We discussed the potential for heat stroke in dogs; and now we will focus on summer pet safety tips for cats. Here's what cat owners should be aware of as we enter into the summer season:

Tick Disease

Spring and summer are prime seasons for tick activity as both people and pets spend time outdoors. Continue to groom pets for ticks; and know how to effectively remove a tick from the skin if one is found embedded in cats. Felines can still get Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses like dogs.


Is your cat itchy and uncomfortable? They may have fleas from rolling around in the grass. Fleas carry diseases that can become a major threat to pets.

Wearing Fur Coats

Don't forget that cats are wearing permanent fur coats; and unlike dogs, cat owners really can't do much to trim cat hair to cool them down. When cats are done playing outside in the fenced-in yard, give them plenty of cold drinking water and shade. Do not send cats to the garage for shade. Licking dripping fuel exhaust can be damaging to cats, even fatal.

Generally, cats do not like water; so, hosing them down or giving them a kiddie pool to splash in is not an option. If cats are feeling lethargic, they may be suffering from heat exhaustion.

Urinary Tract Infections

Speaking of heat exhaustion, this is usually due to lack of hydration. If cats stop using the litter box, then they may be dehydrated and need water quickly. If they don't, they can suffer from a UTI. Take the cat to the vet immediately if this is the case.


Cats can enjoy the great outdoors like dogs; however, cat owners need to pay attention to their cat's health. 

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