Cat Sanctuaries Need This

Cats, like dogs and even us for that matter, need space to run, socialize and play with other animals. They need a secure environment to do so; and that is why fencing is so essential in yards. So, when it comes to cat rescues or cat sanctuaries, we recommend installing a cat fence for cats to interact with one another. 

Cat sanctuaries are wonderful. They give cats a safe refuge to call home along with proper care; healthy foods; and love for life. If a cat sanctuary does not have a fence, then cats are back to being caged - and they don't want that. With an outdoor cat enclosure, cats will be able to remain in their "natural surroundings" while staying protected from wildlife encounters and stray dogs. 

Owners of cat sanctuaries have already helped save cats lives. Now is the time to improve their health and happiness.

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