Cat Shelters Need Fence

Cat Shelters are a place of refuge to homeless cats that are looking for a loving family to care for them permanently. Cat Rescues bring in hundreds of cats each week and quickly run out of room to house kitties. Animal shelters get stray cats off the streets; but because they lack space, cats end up in tight cages. This is where a cat enclosure comes into play. 

Outdoor Cat Enclosures allow cats to move around the property but in a secure environment. After all, homeless cats are used to being outside; and we want them to feel comfortable in their natural surroundings. Outdoor catios let cats breathe fresh air and make them feel at home.

Furthermore, cat fences help cats achieve better physical appearances. Cats that stay inside all day become lethargic, lazy, and often risk health problems such as obesity. A cat fence allows cats to move, jump and play with other cats while strengthening hind legs and arms. 

Cat Rescues or volunteer groups can use cat fencing to build foster cat care programs and help cats find forever homes. Fence for cats can be managed year-round or taken down at the start of winter, only to be installed in the spring.

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