Cats Wants Outdoor Time

There is much debate over allowing cats the freedom to explore the great outdoors; but we feel that cats need time outside to play, exercise and get in touch with their roots. After all, domestic cats are part of a larger, nomadic race of carnivores - hunting mice, birds and whatever they can find to eat. 

Some cat owners are not only taking cats for walks, but they are transforming their yards by fencing in cats. 

"In the past two decades, there has been a growing movement to confine our feline friends indoors. Veterinarians argue that this significantly extends their life spans, protecting them from disease, cars and predators. Wildlife advocates contend that outdoor cats are a blight on ecosystems, killing countless birds and small mammals every year. Increasingly, it seems, no one wants to cross paths with an outdoor cat." (Yes, You Should Walk Your Cat, The New York Times)

Cats need fresh air, too; and while they can interact with other domestic breeds, having a cat fence in the yard will stop them from interfacing with wildlife and will keep them secure. 

Cats need to be walked outsideFencing for cats