Chewing On Plastic Fence

Plastic dog fencing is a great alternative to traditional dog fences that may be overkill for small dogs. Take chain-link fence for example. This type of dog fence is ideal for some of the largest dog breeds in the world; but when looking at Yorkie Terriers or other smaller dog breeds, the bulky metal fence seems extreme. While poly dog fencing can secure small and calm dogs, what about dogs that have high energy and may chew on the fence?

Plastic dog fence is not recommended for chewing dogs. These types of dogs have a bit more energy than poly fencing can handle and may rip down the fence mesh with their teeth or paws.

Consider metal dog fence with PVC-coating if chewing on the fence is a concern. Dogs will have trouble breaking through the PVC and steel core on most metal dog fences and will keep these higher energy dogs secure for many years to come. 

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