COVID-19 Pet Exercise

Pet owners may be looking for creative ways to help their pets stay lean during the COVID-19 situation. After all, they can't take their furry friends to local dog parks. Don't fret! There are plenty of outdoor activities that can be done with pets to keep them fit during this difficult time. Here's a few recommendations. 

Most U.S. states still allow people to walk outside - in fact, physical fitness and fresh air are encouraged for both people and pets. Dog parks are probably not open to the public at this time; however, dog owners can still take their pets to local parks to venture onto walking and jogging trails. Dog owners can also play Frisbee; tug-of-war with dog rope toys; and chase. For dog owners apprehensive to venture away from home, consider installing dog fencing in the yard for pets to play.

It's important to get outside and keep dogs moving. Not only is this pandemic a great bonding opportunity between pet owner and pet but it an excuse to get in shape!

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