Coyote Cat Attack

Pet owners in Mira Mesa are being warned once again about coyote attacks on pets. 

In the past few years, Mira Mesa has seen a series of dog-coyote attacks; however, this week experienced a cat attack from a coyote. And, it was violent.

We'll spare readers the sight of the gory details and images; but this is a friendly reminder to keep wildlife at bay from pets in the yard. Like other types of wildlife, coyotes are scouting for food; and they will attack all types of pets, if given the chance. Coyotes rarely attack humans; but if the taste for meat is there, they just might.

For pet safety in yards against coyotes, homeowners should consider installing a pet fence that is at least 6 feet high and chew-proof. A steel fence is best for dog protection and will last for up to 30 years outside. For cat owners, cat fencing includes a top; and will protect kitties from all sorts of wild animals including deer, coyotes and even stray dogs.

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