Coyotes in the Winter

Pet owners: keep a close watch on pets as we enter into the winter season. 

Winter is when young coyotes leave their parents to fend for themselves and prepare for coyote breeding season in January. As they learn how to live for themselves, they will scout for food on landscapes eating anything from insects and rodents to fruits and...pets. 

Coyote attacks on pets is more frequent than we realize; and it won't slow down now that snow is on the ground.

“Coyotes thrive near people because they like to eat the rodents and rabbits that thrive near people, so seeing them in urban areas happens pretty regularly and is not unusual,” said Geriann Albers, DNR furbearer biologist. (

Pet owners need to protect their dogs, cats and backyard chickens from coyote encounters by installing a 6' feet tall pet fence that is chew-proof. If a coyote is near, start yelling at it while waving your arms; and throw stones or anything at it to spook it.

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