Debris In Fence Posts

Dog fences use heavy duty round posts that are easy to install; but often, installers want to know how to keep debris out of the fence posts after installation. The answer is just one accessory: dome caps.

Dome caps sit on top of dog fence posts to protect them from moving debris and water. Moreover, these caps give the fence a professional, polished look that will look great in your yard. They can be left on the fence for 20+ years; or removed with the other fence parts if the yard fencing is a seasonal solution for homeowners. If the yard fence will be temporary or season, add vinyl caps to the ground sleeves (left in the ground); so, debris does not get into the ground sleeve.

Keeping fence posts and ground sleeves protected from debris is easy and requires little maintenance work. 

Other sizes available for dome caps and vinyl caps*

Debris in fence postsDog fence postsDome caps for 1 5/8 postsKeep out debris dog fenceVinyl caps for 1 5/8 posts