Do Cats Exercise?

Whether or not cats do exercise is up for debate; but whether or not they should exercise is an easy answer. 

Like dogs, cats need time spent outside to run, play and stay lean. Without exercise, cats risk health complications as they age including high blood pressure, weak limbs/stiff joints and obesity. According to the American Pet Obesity Prevention Association, almost 60 percent of cats are classified as overweight or obese in the United States. It's time to lower these numbers.

Cats enjoy playing in the fenced-in backyard just as much as dogs.Need exercise ideas for cats? Consider these:

  • Watch cats leap from level to level on a cat tower;
  • Roll a ball for cats to chase;
  • Place cat nip on a cat wand - see if your cat swats after it; (Bet he/she does!)
  • Give cats cardboard boxes and plywood to scratch;
  • Watch cats chase a laser pointer (avoid contact with their eyes)

Cats make wonderful pets and are fun for the whole family. Consider cat adoption this June during Adopt a Shelter Cat Month; and will offer discounted rates on cat fence systems. 

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