Dog Out Of Fence?

Homeowners that have yard fencing think they are all set when it comes to keeping in their pets; however, domestic animals sometimes play Houdini-effects on us, and escape from yards. Here are ways to secure pets in yards:

Solution #1: Trench fence in ground

When installing pet fence in yards, homeowners can easily trench fence at least six inches into the ground to prevent digging attempts by dogs. This method is effective for keeping out wildlife, too. 

Solution #2: Staking Fence Down

Ground stakes are one of the most valuable fence accessories on the market. They are affordable, easy to use and effective for keeping in dogs and cats. Simply hammer in ground stakes every five feet along the fence line for best results. 

There are two types of ground stakes; and the type of fence stake chosen will depend upon soil type. For rocky/clay surfaces, choose Rebar Ground Stakes and for smooth Earth use Kinked Ground Stakes.

Dog getting out of fenceKinked ground stakesRebar ground stakesStop digging dogTypes of ground stakes