Dog House Repairs Month

July is when dogs spend the most time outdoors; but because the weather is hot, pet owners need to take precautionary measures to ensure pets do not suffer from heat stroke or dehydration. Being that July is Dog House Repairs Month, it is recommended that pet owners begin this DIY project as soon as possible to allow dogs the freedom to roam outdoors all afternoon. 

When constructing a dog house from plywood, pet owners will need to first measure the size of their property and estimate how large they want the dog house to be for their dog. The door height opening should be no less than three fourths (3/4) of the dog's shoulder to ground measurement - so dog breed will depend on door height. The height of the roof will also depend on the dog's height and angling may be a good idea. Using shingles are inexpensive and will stand up against heavy winds. Lastly, nails will need to be properly driven into the wood so the dog does not get injured.

This July, prepare to build a dog house for dogs inside a fenced-in area. Your dog will appreciate the shady spot and a place to call its own.

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