Dog Killed By Coyote

Wolcott, CT: A Chihuahua-Jack Russell terrier mix was dragged into the woods by a coyote where he died. Although coyotes may seem seem like friends of dogs, we often forget that they are wild animals that are carnivores in the hunt for their next meal. 

This type of story appears in the news more often than not; and news outlets are quick to offer condolences, but not a solution to save dogs from coyotes.  

Homeowners should install dog fence in the backyard for dog protection and coyote management on properties. Installing a 5 1/2' foot tall fence is best for coyote control. With a wildlife barrier in the yard, coyotes, wolves, and other types of predatory animals will have a hard time getting to pets. Having a fence for dogs also protects the dog from escaping and running into trouble - such as an encounter with a coyote. 

It's time that we care a bit more for our furry friends and invest in a fence that may act as a security system for dogs. 

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