Dog Ownership Tips

Dog Ownership Tips

Now that you've found the perfect family dog, read these dog ownership tips from for #ResponsibleDogOwnership

1. Train them early-on

Most new pet owners would rather grow with a puppy; but puppies aren't potty-trained. Teach your puppy basic commands such as "sit." Pet owners can always take their new dogs to training facilities or teach pets themselves in the backyard. 

2. Did your dog pee on the carpet? 

Use baking soda to get rid of the pee spot. After applying, sweep or vacuum the spot. It'll disappear in no time and not leave a foul odor. 

3. Don't neglect dog health

Often, we will turn down a visit to the doctor's office; but for our dogs, we must take them for routine vet visits. Make sure your dog is up-to-date with shots and vaccines. Don't neglect brushing their teeth, as gum disease in dogs can be a concern. If you have trouble brushing your dog's teeth, then apply dog toothpaste to a rope toy or give them a minty chew toy to strengthen teeth. 

4. Is your dog sick?

Chicken soup is good for the soul. Add a little low-sodium chicken broth to your dog's water bowl. 

5. Kid Pool For Hot Summer Day

Inflate a kiddie pool for your dog to splash around and cool off. 

6. Invest in a dog fence

Outdoor dog enclosures allow dogs  the chance to get fresh air and have dog dates in the convenience of the backyard. Dog fencing also acts as a security system and reduces the risk of burglary. Avoid shock collars, electric fence for dogs and invisible dog fences, as these are inhumane. 

7. Never feed your dog these treats

Raisins/grapes, chocolate, alcohol, garlic, potatoes, sugar, peaches, onions and yeast. 

8. Tick prevention in dogs

After outdoor activity, check dogs for ticks. A tick bite can lead to tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

9. File your dog's nails

Clip your dog's nails regularly. Find a piece of sandpaper and/or wood and allow them to file their own nails. 

10. Simple, Healthy dog treat

Cut up small chunks of apple, add water, and freeze. This will keep your dog entertained and is healthy!

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