Dog Safety In Summer

It sure feels like summer outside with just two weeks to go. While pets want to be outside just as much as we do, we, as pet owners, must remember that dogs are wearing a permanent fur coat and shouldn't stay outside for long in the extreme heat. Here are a few things to keep in-mind when choosing to let pets go outside to play in the fenced in yard at home:

  • Dogs may be panting but this could be a sign of dehydration. Make sure pets have plenty of fresh cold water. Throw in ice cubes to keep their mouths wet, too.
  • Dogs need shelter. Whether it's a dog house or a doggie door to allow them to come back inside, they need a roof over their heads to help them cool down.
  • Hosing dogs down, or offering them a kiddie pool for them to splash in, will keep their coats cool and body temperature at a regular level.
  • Dog exercise is important in the summer and will be easy to do during warm days. Limit activity to 30 minutes; so, dogs do not overheat or over-exhaust.
  • If dogs are rolling around the grass, they may be at risk of tick bites. Be sure to check for ticks on pets after outdoor playtime.

Dogs are looking forward to time outside. Be sure to keep them safe while they play during these steamy months!

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