Dogs Act Like Teenagers

Ever notice that at a certain period dogs seem to last out? Not necessarily in a mean way; but they start disobeying and act differently. A new study shows that dogs experience puberty and changes just like teenagers causing them to act out - usually occurring when they reach 8 months old. 

“There is abundant folk knowledge … that the behavior of adolescents differs from younger or older dogs,” says Barbara Smuts, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, who was not involved in the research. This “very welcome” study, she says, is the first to back that up.

The reason may be because they are growing up, separating from being attached to their owner's side, and needing to develop themselves mentally and emotionally - just like humans. During this time, the dog will not listen to owners; but the study shows that dogs are more prone to learn and grow with their human companions during pre-adolescent and post-adolescent phases. 

This fascinating study may be a model for determining how and why teenage kids act and what parents can do about it before and after puberty. 

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