Dogs Need Exercise

Dogs really are just like humans: They need time to socialize with friends; a chance to play and unwind; healthy foods to eat; and yes...even a regular fitness regiment. 

Exercise is very important for dogs especially as animals age. Puppies need at least 30 minutes of daily activity to maintain healthy bones and joints. As the dog ages, they will need to see at least 45 minutes to an hour each day of physical activity.

Dogs that do not exercise risk health complications as they age including high blood pressure, arthritis and obesity as well as a shortened lifespan.

Pet owners can easily bond with their pets in the fenced-in backyard while helping them focus on strength training exercises. Working out with dogs can be as easy as throwing a ball and having him/her fetch it; having the dog jump; and asking him/her to lay down or crawl.

These training exercises for dogs help strengthen the full body and will be beneficial as the pup ages. 

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