Pet Care Tips: 4th of July

Tomorrow, America celebrates Independence Day; and while individuals may be excited to attend BBQs and shoot of fireworks, pets are not as eager for tomorrow to come. Read these 4th of July pet care tips now:

Soothe Pets With Jazz Music

Dogs get uptight and high strung when it comes to fireworks. They may tend to hide in corners or underneath beds. Sooth their nerves by putting on soft Jazz music. 

Distract Dogs

Play games with pets in the fenced-in backyard: toss a Frisbee or tug-a-war with pets.

Pet Dogs

Soothe dogs by gently stroking them on the head and behind the ears.

Keep dogs indoors while playing with fireworks

There are many hazards for dogs when shooting off fireworks. They could get injured if hit by fireworks. The noise isn't the only concern. It's best to keep them away from danger.

Keep these pet safety tips in-mind this 4th of July. Happy Independence Day from! #4thofjuly


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