Dogs This Flu Season

"Sick as a dog," as the expression goes is a real concern this flu season, as individuals from all over the country are bed ridden from the flu. The concern for the common cold and pneumonia extends to your four-legged friend, too. 

Did you know that dogs can catch the flu? In 2017, 46 states reported dog flus.

There are two types of dog flus: H3N8 and H3N2. These types of flus for dogs are only transferable from dog to dog. Humans cannot transfer the flu to their pet and the dog cannot pass the winter illness onto their owner. Additionally, dogs cannot spread the flu virus to cats and vice versa (good news all around!).

So, how do you know if your dog has contracted one of the two flu strands? Check to see if your dog has a fever or decreased appetite. If you start to see yellow or green discharge, this may be another symptom of the dog flu.

Dogs can spread 5-20 days after they've been cleared of symptoms by a vet; but there is a dog vaccine to help rid the illness from their bodies. 

Stopping the dog influenza may be simple: Take your dog to the vet for treatment.
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