Don't Leave Dogs Out

A recent news story from Ohio stated that a dog froze to death when the owner kept the dog outside in a dog house without insulation. The owner was charged with animal cruelty and is awaiting sentencing. 

While a dog fence benefits a dog for a number of reasons, it's important to understand that dogs need a place to keep warm. In Pennsylvania, dogs cannot be left outside in the cold for more than 30 minutes. (If they are, owners risk being charged hundreds of dollars including possible jail time.)

Dogs left in the cold for too long risk health complications and damage to foot pads. It's quick for us to think that dogs have fur coats, so they must be okay; but that simply isn't the case. Think about how cold you are while wearing a wool coat. 

After bringing in your dogs, remove wet snow from their feet and fur with a dry towel and be sure to check for ticks. As long as the weather stays above freezing temperatures, tick prevention is needed.

Dogs in cold weather