New Fence Kits!

Last week, was proud to announce the arrival of 4' x 150' Steel Hex Dog Fence Kits and Rolls - a bestselling metal fence type for chewing dogs with moderate energy levels. Now, has expanded the roll size to 300' to offer landowners an easier way to fence in properties over 150' in length.

The 4' x 300' metal dog fencing is ideal for small, active dogs that will chew and most likely challenge the strength of the fence. This 4' metal dog fence kit is PVC-coated in 20 gauge steel so it won’t rust or corrode in outdoor weather. This easy to install 4 foot fence kit for dogs includes a finished top and bottom edge so there won't be sharp points along the fence. The one 1” hexagon mesh design creates a virtually invisible dog fence from 20 feet away and provides critter control from chewing and digging rodents that may try to harm the pup. With a certified breaking load of 1000 pounds, this 4' steel dog fencing has a life expectancy of 25-30 years.

The 4' x 300' Steel Hexagonal Fence Kit with PVC is now available for sale on Order today!
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