Encourage Cat Exercise

Like dogs, cats need physical activity and time spent outside with other animals. Cats that do not get fit may suffer from health complications including high blood pressure; lethargy; arthritis, and obesity. Here are easy ways to bond with cats and get them in shape this summer:

1. Cat nip - cats love it; and cat owners can put cat nip on the tip of toys to encourage them to chase after the toy and get the cat nip as a reward. Positive reinforcement is always helpful!

2. Paper bags - cats love the crunchy noise of a paper bag just as much as dogs love chewing on water bottles. Give cats the bag to play with; and watch them swat it with their arms.

3. Cat towers - These climbing walls are really neat; and they will give cats the best exercise using all four legs. Cats will leap from level to level and will break a sweat doing it!

4. Provide scratching posts for cats. This not only strengthens their claws, but cat owners will appreciate their felines scratching wooden posts rather than the furniture! Cardboard boxes also work well.

5. Let cats play outside. Like humans and pups, cats need time outside to breathe in fresh air and play with other pets. Having cats inside a cat enclosure will allow them to run, jump and play!

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