Dogs: Exercise Activities

Like us, dogs need exercise and a chance to burn off pint up energy; and being outside bonding with pet owners will give them the 30 minutes of daily activity they require to maintain healthy bones and joints. Here are activities to do on warm and cool days with pets:

Jogging: Even in winter, dogs can go for quick jogs with pet owners - even if it is just for a mile. Running a mile takes less than 15 minutes in most cases; and will get dogs outside in fresh air. 

Playing Fetch: A dog's favorite game! Bring a squeaky chew toy, football or Frisbee; and watch the pup run around the fenced-in yard

Hiking: Hiking trails are great for exercise and can be done throughout the year. Be mindful of ticks that may be hiding underneath leaves and logs, though. As long as temperatures remain above freezing, tick movement and Lyme Disease is a concern for both pet and owner. 

Biking: Hook-up a dog trailer to the back of bikes; and let dogs explore roads and walk ways on downtime. 

Swimming: Harder to do in wintertime unless residents live in Florida or other sunny climates; but this activity is fun for companion animals - and works all four legs!

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