Explaining Fence Gauges

Gauge is a unit of measure that often confuses people when shopping for metal fence materials; and it's no wonder why. Defining gauge is not as obvious as it sounds; but with our help, you'll be a gauge pro in no time. 

Gauge sizes are numbers that indicate the thickness of a piece of sheet metal, with a higher number referring to a thinner sheet. This means that the higher the gauge number the thinner the metal material will be within a fence roll, fence post - you get the idea. 

Example: 14 gauge welded wire is stronger than 20 gauge steel hex web. When examined the 20 gauge is much thinner than the 14 gauge; and it has nothing to do with PVC-coating and everything to do with the steel core inside!

Learning gauge as a unit of measure is important when buying metal dog fence. It will help to find the right yard fence for dogs based on behavioral characteristics. 

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