Facts About Military Dogs

Dogs really are man's best friend; and they are there for us even in times of war.

Dogs have fought in battles for over 100 years; but they were not recognized until WWII. Not all military dogs are German Shepherds; in fact, some branches of the military use Golden Retrievers and Belgian Malinois. There are over 2500 active duty dogs in the service with 700 deployed overseas. 

While they act as police dogs, sniffing out drugs during drug raids, they perform other tasks such as bomb detection and tracking down enemies. These dogs help find terrorists and track down explosive devices. Like our soldiers, these dogs need care after wars as they can get PTSD. 

Until 2000, military dogs were euthanized or abandoned after retirement because they were feared to be damaged or unable to be around families. Parents worried that their children would be harmed by a military dog, as well. Now, we know that these army dogs are lovable, well-trained animals that need homes just like shelter dogs. When considering dog adoption, reach out to organizations that place military dogs with loving families. 

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