Fence Corners VS Ends

Choosing parts to buy for DIY projects can be tricky even for veteran DIY'ers; and one of the most common questions EasyPetFence.com gets from prospective customers is what the difference is between fence corners and ends - and, are they really needed. Here's the explanation. 

Both parts add strength and stability to the pet fence system and are used mainly in yards for dog fencing. Ends are used when the fence terminates against the wall of a house or other structure, and Corners are especially needed for added stability when the fence is longer than 100 feet and are recommended for areas that slope downhill. Corners include two sturdy brace posts whereas ends only have one thick post for added stability. The posts used for corners and ends are thicker and stronger than the regular HD line posts used for holding up the mesh.

Fence corners and ends are recommended for added strength of the dog fence system; but they can be added at a later date, if desired. 

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