Fence In Run Away Dogs

Some pets are better at staying in the yard than others; but if something, or someone, catches their eye, they are gone. Dogs may even be tempted to chase after feral cats that wander onto properties. 

While wooden fences look nice in the beginning, they begin to splinter and rot away. They may even develop small holes - thanks to insects. Wooden Fences are great privacy fences; but they make it easy for dogs to wiggle out into busy streets. 

This is why pet owners should consider fencing in dogs with plastic or metal dog fencing. Metal dog fences, for example, will stay strong against chewing and digging dogs and weather conditions that may affect the strength of a fence. And, while chain-link is considered a metal fence, we do not recommend this cheap yard fence because it will eventually corrode and look ugly in yards. (Hey, that's just our opinion.) PVC on fences prevent chew marks and will allow the fence to blend in with the surroundings. 

If you need to keep dogs from running away, install fencing. 

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