Fence Installation Tips

After opening up the package, and seeing the fence parts scattered across the grass, fence installation may seem intimidating - if not down right nerve wrecking. But, no need to fear this DIY project. It's easy - as long as the pet fence installation instructions are read and a plan is set.

Here are a few tips to remember before installation:

  • Fence posts need to be 10-15 feet apart from each other. It's recommended to space out the posts first to get an idea of what the system will look like when it's done.
  • Do not roll out the fence rolls all at once. Instead, roll out more and more as it flows.
  • Ground stakes should go on the outside of the fence area (but installing them from the inside won't hurt anything).
  • Don't throw away extra fence rolls. You may wish to use the extra scraps later on.
  • You can never have too many zip ties. Feel free to place them on the fence anywhere you please.

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