Fence Installation Tips

Dogs have been waiting for this moment ever since you decided to buy dog fencing. Do-it-yourself projects can be fun; but they can also be intimidating to start. Here are tips for fence installation.

Ground Sleeves

Instead of measuring as you go, measure first then place ground sleeves near the measurement to get an idea of what the system outline will look like. After, begin digging holes to drop ground sleeves into the ground. 


Ground sleeves (including posts) will be set every 15-20 feet apart. The fence installer can go every 10 feet, if needed; however if the fence mesh begins to droop, then tension wire will need to be applied to give the fence a more polished look. 

Fence Mesh

It will be easier to handle the mesh if left in rolls and rolled out from post to post. Do not roll it out first or it will be a mess.

Zip ties

We recommend using one self-locking tie every foot along the fence post. 

Ground Stakes

Stake into the ground every five feet for best results. Fence stakes block attempts from dogs to lift up on the fence - easy access to escape.

Need More Tips?

Call EasyPetFence.com to speak with a sales rep about installing fence: 888-519-5954. 

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