Find Missing Pets Easily

There are approximately 10 million animals that wander off and become lost each year; and most dogs and cats go missing in July. There are different theories associated with why the month of July; but we can guess that it may have something to do with the large social gatherings that happen in the summertime; the firework displays; and the outdoor animals that just want to play.

There are preventive measures that pet owners should take to assure that their animals stay beside them for many years to come. Some pet safety tips include:

  • Keeping your shy pet away from large crowds. If you know they get nervous, don't give them a reason to run away.
  • During parties, keep your dog and cat inside a bedroom - or place them outside in the fenced-in backyard with other animals; so, they can play and you can, too.
  • Play with your pet during activities and keep them distracted from whatever can make them uneasy, such as fireworks.

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