HOA Dog Fence Rules

Some HOA communities are picky; and living in a house within an HOA community can be challenging for homeowners looking to install yard fencing for dogs. Some HOA's do not agree with certain types of fence and can even forbid them from being installed on home properties including chain-link; wrought iron; picket fences and more. More so, height requirements may be a concern. Here's what homeowners should know before buying dog fence:

HOAs can require a fence on properties and may limit the height of the fence to 4-6 feet tall. It is best to check with HOA fence requirements before buying dog fencing and installing it on the home site. While some types of fence may be forbidden, dog fence that is virtually invisible may be a better route to take for installation. Dog fences made from plastic or metal that are black in color are generally liked better than traditional dog fences that stand out more due to color and style. 

Regardless of the type of fence installed, it is best to check with HOA community guidelines about fencing before purchasing any type of dog fence for the property line.

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