Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Your family may see the Christmas tree as a beautiful living thing inside of your house; but for your pet dog or cat, they see it as a new toy. Before you invite family and friends over for your Christmas party, here are a few pet safety tips for the holidays:

Christmas Tree

First and foremost, it's best to keep the tree in the corner of the room where the dog or cat will not be able to easily knock it over. Make sure the tree stand is firmly holding the Christmas Tree and is not easy to shake. If you plan to buy a real Christmas Tree, be sure to vacuum pine needles so the animals don't get pricked by the needles or choke on the plant. 


When it comes to tinsel, [try to] pick up any loose pieces that may have fallen on the ground. Cats may find tinsel inviting - as it looks like yarn or string - but dogs may discover that tinsel is a choking hazard. Tinsel, if ingested, may cause intestinal problems and may need dog surgery for removal. 


If you plan to set out Christmas candles, be sure to move them away from edges of counters and tables. Keep an eye on cats that may try to jump on dining room tables to get an insider's view of the candle leading to a burning hazzard. 


Glass or clay ornaments may be dangerous to pet's paws and faces. In addition to being choking hazards, Christmas ornaments that contain sharp corners, or broken ornaments, may injure pets. Keep glass ornaments higher on the tree to avoid pet tails knocking them to the ground. 

Wrapping Paper

Gift wrap, string and glittery paper can cause intestinal blockage, if ingested. It's best to keep pets away from wrapping gifts. 

Christmas Baked Goods

As always, chocolate is a no-no for a pet. Anything sugar-related can cause the animal to become very sick. Local dog bakeries can make special dog cakes and cookies for dogs to celebrate Christmas with you.

Christmas Party

Some dogs become stressed-out or get wound up when company comes over. If your dog is like this, it's best to keep them inside a bedroom, or in an outdoor dog enclosure, for the duration of the party.

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