Hurricane Pet Care Tips

As Hawaii braces for impact from Hurricane Lane, we feel that it is necessary to review pet care tips during hurricane season.

Hurricanes, like other natural disasters, can cause stress on animals. They will hear strong gusts of wind; the brush of leaves against trees; and they will become uneasy with what is happening behind closed doors. To keep dogs and cats calm during hurricanes, pet owners will need to do the following:

  1. Distract animals. Play games with them; and keep them smiling.
  2. Get Jazzed up. Soft Jazz music is known to calm the nerves and will help dogs stay at ease with what is going on outside. 
  3. Scatter toys around the house for dog entertainment. 

For pet owners with pet fencing in the yard, consider taking down the fence. The fence systems are easy to take down and will only require new zip ties. 

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