International Dog Day!

Dogs make great companion pets around the world and can help give pet owners a healthy heart, a new study revealed. Because August 26th is International Dog Day, we want to discuss why adopting dogs is a good idea for families - especially those with small kids. 

1. Adopting dogs improves quality of life. Not only do dogs play, but they provide owners with unconditional love and support. A dog is [usually] always happy to see owners and will make them feel better when skies are grey. 

2. Dogs are protectors. Dogs keep families safe by barking or checking out scenery when things seem off. They will keep owners safe during wildlife encounters, too. 

3. Dogs play well with other animals. Whether it's a kitten or another pup, dogs make friends everywhere they go!

4. Dogs are great for families with babies and small children- let them grow together!

5. Dogs are great learners. No need to take pups to dog obedience school - they will listen to basic commands such as "sit," "give," and "come" if taught at an early age.

Dogs make wonderful pets for families and deserve more than a day of recognition. Be sure to cuddle pets extra on this day ad snap lots of pictures of them today and always.

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