Be Kind To Animals Week

This year, The American Humane Association declared May 7-13, 2017 to be named National Be Kind to Animals Week, a time for pet lovers to show animals of all kinds love and attention through compassionate action and motivation. Here are steps that animal lovers can take during this week to promote the cause:

1) Run or walk a local pet or animal 5K during the month of May.

2) Adopt an animal from a local shelter or rescue center. Don't say NO to senior dogs or cats! They can make loving pets that are already potty-trained!

3) Volunteer at a local shelter: Wash animals, give them medical attention and hold them tightly to know that they are loved.

4) Donate funds to an animal charity of your choice. With your donations, pets have a chance at receiving life-long care and have a chance to find a forever home.

5) Report Animal Abuse: Hundreds of thousands of animals are verbally and physically abused each year from pet owners. Report these unsuitable care givers to authorities should you see a person hit or kick an animal. Animal neglect is also a sign of animal abuse and can be in the form of animal starvation, depression and parasites/ticks/fleas.

This Be Kind To Animals Week, EasyPetFence encourages pet owners to give their animals extra love and attention this week. Provide them with nutrition, toys, a place to exercise, shelter and regular vet visits to maintain animal wellness and health.

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