It's National Pet Day

It's National Pet Day

Held annually on April 11th, National Pet Day is a designated time of the year to show extra lovin' for our furry friends. 

Man's best friend is always there for us after a bad day; a long day; or just a boring day. Wagging their tails, purring and rubbing up against us, our pets can turn a frown upside down in a heartbeat. 

This National Pet Day, show pets that you love them by:

  • Taking pups to a dog park to make new friends;
  • Build a pet fence in the backyard for daily playtime;
  • Buy him/her a new toy; and play with it in the yard;
  • Walk dogs on hiking trails or sidewalks;
  • Hire a pet photographer for a photo shoot

For dog lovers that don't yet have pets, perhaps it's time to get one! Adopt a pet from a local no-kill humane society, animal shelter or rescue; or simply volunteer at one for the care and concern of animals. Cat lovers can start a TNR Program to get homeless cats off the streets and provide them with health care, love and concern. 

Whatever you decide to do today, do it for the love of animals. Follow the conversation on @EasyPetFence Facebook using hashtag #NationalPetDay.

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