January is National Train Your Dog Month

Caring for a new dog is a lot like caring for a newborn baby. You have to keep a close eye on your puppy and make sure he/she is well-cared for, eating right and free from harm's way. The Association of Professional Dog Trainers designates January to be Train Your Dog Month, a time for new dog owners to learn how to effectively train their dogs to listen, learn and grow. You may be thinking "Why January?" Dog adoptions take place during the holiday season; so APDT feels that January is the ideal time to start training your new pup.

Here are five essential commands you can teach your dog:

1) Sit: Hold a treat close to the dog's nose. Once they perform the action, give them the treat.

2) Come: Put a leash on your dog and say "come" while gently tugging on your dog.

3) Down: Hold your hand up to your dog's snout and slowly move it down as he follows.

4) Stay: Ask your dog to "Sit." Then, open the palm of your hand and say "stay," while slowly moving away.

5) Leave it: Get a treat in your hand and let the dog lick or smell it; but say "leave it." Repeat until the dog doesn't touch the treat.

Because training your dog can be a challenge, EasyPetFence.com recommends that dog owners should install a backyard dog fence. Dog Fencing gives pet owners piece of mind that their domestic animals are securely enclosed and will allow your dog to freely explore without getting into trouble. Poly dog fencing is recommended for smaller, calmer dogs, while metal dog fences are meant for larger, more rambunctious dogs.

This January, teach your dog right from wrong with a dog fence from EasyPetFence.com; and contact us with any questions.

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